Network Insights: Episode 7 – Designing programmes to get communities moving

Founder of Intelligent Health Dr William Bird recently appeared on Move Consulting’s interview series talking about his experience to date in designing programmes to get communities moving.

Move Consulting’s directors, Craig Blain and Elaine McNish, invited William to discuss the reasons for the success of the Beat the Street programme, plus his background as a young GP working with patients with diabetes.

William describes how talking to patients and really listening to their feedback enabled him to develop programmes that were accessible and fun, such as Health Walks and the Green Gym.

William said: “Although people do want to become healthy, that gets them going, but what keeps them there is the enjoyment. We sometimes think they’re doing it because they want to carry on being healthy, but that fades very quickly when you’re bored.

“What I felt was that physical activity is a means to an end — where the end is having time with your family, going out exploring new places, perhaps leaning a new skill, getting more confidence, spending time with your parents, with your children. Physical activity has to be the bit that gets you there. Once you’ve got enjoyment and habit together, you’ve got a change of behaviour.”

The interview can be found at Network Insights: Episode 7 – Designing programmes to get communities moving. – YouTube

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