Intelligent Health finance manager creates a rugby fundraiser for MND

A former rugby coach is asking people to try to help raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Yvette Keen, who is Intelligent Health’s finance manager, was so inspired by the recent Robert Burrow documentary that was shown on TV that she decided to raise funds to help Motor Neurone Disease (MND) sufferers.

She is now asking people to get involved by trying out the ‘washing line’ manoeuvre in their COVID-19 safe bubbles, and then nominating someone else to take part. Any donations to the Motor Neurone Disease Association would be much appreciated, and participants are very welcome to video the results.

Yvette said: “After watching the documentary I sat on the sofa, shed a tear, and thought what can I do to fundraise to support research into this cruel disease. As a former rugby coach, I remembered something we used to do in training sessions, which is called the ‘washing line’. Pre COVID-19, we used to ask the young players to hold hands and run, which looks like shirts on a washing line. We’ve retained the idea of a virtual washing line for the purposes of maintaining social distancing.

“There will be several young men out there aged around 27ish that may well remember the first female Windsor Rugby coach shouting ‘washing lines’ first thing on a Sunday morning!”

All you have to do is get a team of people within your social bubble to pass the ball back as many times as possible within the ‘washing line’ and nominate someone else to take part. A video in this link shows you how to do it!

Yvette adds: “It can be any kind of ball and you even play indoors across a lounge if there’s space and there’s nothing breakable nearby! The most important thing is that you get active and have a laugh. At Intelligent Health, we encourage communities to get more active and connected together through mass participation schemes including Beat the Street. I’m delighted that we’ve managed to get non-contact rugby onto the agenda!”



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