My journey Wokingham invites you to ‘bee’ creative

My JourneyWokingham has launched a creative competition for children with the aim of highlighting the importance of bees.

Bees are necessary for a healthy earth and for human life. However, owing to factors including the use of pesticides, climate change and loss of habitat, bees are in decline and 35 UK species are under threat of extinction.

To highlight this, we’re running a competition that is open to anyone who attends a primary or junior school in Wokingham.

There are two ways of entering:

  1. Make your own bee house and answer the following questions on your submission email: a. Why are bees important to our environment and health? b. How does air pollution affect bees? c. What can we do to help them recover?

Submit your entry by taking a photo of your finished bee house and emailing it to the submissions email along with your answers to the questions. You can submit your answers by typing it out or you can get a parent/carer to video your answers (if you chose this way, we might ask for parents/carer consent to use the video on social media). Please keep hold of your bee house in case you are a winner


2. Create an A4 or A3 poster to include a drawing design of a bee house. The poster will be designed to educate people about bees. Include a. Why bees are important to the environment or people’s health b. Effects that air pollution have on them c.Tips on how people can help

To submit, please take a photo or scan in the poster and email to the address below. Please keep hold of the original poster in case you are a winner!

How to enter: -Please submit completed entries to:

Please include your name (child’s name), age and school and parents/guardian name. To enter the competition the child entering must be registered as a primary pupil at a school in Wokingham Borough.

We will be selecting 2 bee house winners and 2 poster winners. Winners will receive a pack of wild-flower seeds, an ‘eco’ book and a certificate. Winners will also have their bee house/poster on display Deadline: Sunday 28th February 2021


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