Intelligent Health’s Movement Is Life podcast launches!

It is widely understood that physical activity has an influence on our health and happiness. However, we have less information about what exactly happens to our brain whilst we exercise. Why does physical activity have more benefits than any other single intervention?

What are the processes that shape our mind and body? How does our physical health help us to stay healthy mentally?

We are spending increasing amounts of time in environments that not only limit physical activity but require prolonged sitting — at work or at home and in communities. Our world is no longer set up for us to move. Schools, homes, work and public spaces have been re-engineered in ways that minimise human movement and muscular activity. The sedentary behaviours and the health risks posed by this life are global issues now.

Movement is Life is a brand-new podcast series from Intelligent Health. It will focus upon the importance and benefits of physical activity and active travel. Exploring the many areas within life that these can be addressed, from volunteering, to nature, exercising and many more. We will have informative and educational conversations with experts from across sectors to share how they are making a difference.

Podcast host, Bethany Broomfield-Jones, is an enthusiastic Engagement and Communications Officer at Intelligent Health, who is also a well-experienced podcaster having several personal podcast series. As a passionate story-teller she loves discovering and telling stories from under-represented backgrounds.

In the very first episode, Health in Mind and Body, we talk about the Red January movement and introduce Sport in Mind, a charity who run an array of sporting programmes for people with mental health conditions. Our first two guests are Ros Crowder, a trustee of Sport In Mind and Dr William Bird, founder and CEO of Intelligent Health.

Listen in via Spotify or Anchor FM

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