Intelligent Health survey shows women’s changing drinking habits and activity levels during the Covid-19 lockdown

A recent survey of female Beat the Street players has revealed a fascinating insight into the lifestyle habits of women during lockdown.

Intelligent Health, the firm behind the popular Beat the Street activity game polled participants during the most stringent part of the UK lockdown in March 2020. A total of 1,146 respondents took the wellbeing survey of which 769 were women.

Most strikingly, the study found that 46% of female respondents were drinking more alcohol during lockdown. There were also interesting insights into activity levels and increased calorie intake.

Wellbeing – Women, who have had to shoulder more responsibility during the pandemic juggling, work, home-schooling and the home, had an average wellbeing score of 46.3 (a drop from 49.6 in the most recent available dataset using the same measure. (Based on 769 women).

General health: 13% felt their overall health was fair or poor (Based on 764 women).

Activity: 50% felt they were less active during the lockdown. Compared with 31% feeling they were more active and 19% who reported no change (Based on 763 women).

Nutrition: 65% reported their calorie intake had increased during lockdown. (Based on 759 women).

Alcohol use; 46% reported drinking more alcohol during lockdown.

16% drinking four or more times per week and 46% drinking twice or more per week (Based on 709 women).

Intelligent Health CEO and founder of the Beat the Street game, Dr William Bird, said: “Firstly, we want to thank everyone who took the time to complete our survey. The feedback has been fascinating.

“What is clear from these survey results is that Covid-19 and the lockdown have led to a marked decline in mental health, especially with many feeling lonely or isolated from work colleagues, friends and family. Many families, and particularly women, have had to work while home schooling children which can be tiring and mentally tough.

“It has been said that it is actually much easier to implement a lockdown than to come out of it. As we slowly try to return to a kind of normal life, we should make the most of this opportunity to do things differently. We support the government’s aim of increasing the number of people walking and cycling to relieve congestion on public transport. We would go one step further and support any measures that reduce car use too.

“Our previous Beat the Street games have been played by more than one million people and have helped many communities across the UK and beyond to increase levels of physical activity. Our Beat the Street programme lifts 72% of inactive people into activity in a sustainable way.

“As well as creating a more active population, Beat the Street has successfully boosted local economies. After the Novichok attack in Salisbury, Beat the Street was played in the town to help ease people back into the city centre and was effective in helping to revive the high street. Understandably, people are nervous about returning to the streets, and the Beat the Street programme encourages a sense of belonging as people across the entire community participate in a careful and purposeful way.”

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