Intelligent Health launches its new Beat the Bug campaign to help fight Coronavirus

Intelligent Health, the firm behind the popular Beat the Street physical activity game is today launching a new campaign called Beat the Bug.

The aim of the campaign is to help people to do what they can to combat Covid-19 and to reduce pressure on the NHS by staying active, connecting with individuals and communities, reducing stress and boosting immunity.

Intelligent Health was set up in 2010 by GP and physical activity expert Dr William Bird to encourage people to get more active and for communities to come together to improve their health and wellbeing.

Dr Bird, who is an adviser on physical activity to the World Health Organisation and the UK government, is also a doctor working on the NHS frontline against the Coronavirus at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

He said: “As we’re supporting patients every day, me and my team at Intelligent Health have turned our attention for now from Beat the Street to Beat the Bug.

“My team and I are asking you to do one thing to help yourselves, help Britain and to protect the NHS, and that is to ensure you and your family get up and get active at least twice a day.

“Moving in short bursts is enough to boost your body’s production of Natural Killer Cells. These wonderful little cells work as your body’s natural defence system, killing viruses as they try to enter your body. In order to do their job effectively though, they need to be woken up regularly with a burst of exercise — that’s why we recommend at least two activity sessions per day.”

Intelligent Health have turned from Beat the Street to Beat the Bug as our work and research is all about the importance of movement and activity, in particularly, walking outside in nature which is vital for physical and mental health.

To get involved with Beat the Bug, sign up at and follow the #BeatTheBug hashtag on social media or like the Beat the Bug Facebook page at

The first Beat the Bug Facebook Live takes place today (Friday at 1pm) with advice, interactive sessions, question and answers, tips on how to get the most out of your exercise and lots of other activity ideas including fun activities for children and exercise ideas for older adults, plus information on how we will get through this together.

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