Graham and his dog Benji successfully Beat the Street in Chesterfield!

Beat the Street Chesterfield had to end early, but one player got in touch to say that the game had brought stardom for his adopted dog Benji!

More than 13,800 people from the town took part in the game and together walked, cycled, ran and wheeled 143,132 miles, with Brockwell Junior School topping the total and average points leaderboards.

Graham Voss, a volunteer who looks after four miles of the Chesterfield Canal , contacted the Beat the Street team to say that he and his dog Benji had successfully tapped all 119 Beat Boxes, clocking up 33 miles of walking and 60 miles of cycling.

He said: “We are well chuffed to have visited every Beat Box. Throughout our journeys we have seen estates we would never have seen, parks we never knew existed despite living here for twelve years, and cycle routes across town to most areas through interesting areas.


“Beat the Street is the best thing ever to happen to Chesterfield. Never has there been so many children, parents, individuals on the streets, roads of Chesterfield and surrounding area. It is the most talked about subject at the moment and whoever you meet will say, ‘The next one is …….’ because they know you are doing it. Amazing, people talking to each other all the time. Lots of new friendships will have been made. I know my Benji certainly has lots of admirers. We will certainly miss it when it ends, though we will continue our bike rides and walks around the Peaks and newly found routes around Chesterfield.

“Thank you all so much for the hard work and meticulous planning that must have gone into this project.”

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