Five-year-old Nancies pedals her way to the top ten of the Beat the Street Middlesbrough leaderboard!



A five-year-old girl has cycled an incredible 145 miles in the Beat the Street Middlesbrough game putting her among the top ten tappers out of the thousands of players in the physical activity challenge currently taking place across the town.

Nancie, who only turned five last month, is also one of the selfie competition winners in the Beat the Street Middlesbrough game.

Her proud parents Aimee Micklewright and James Bircham have been pedalling alongside the intrepid youngster, and her mum said that the game has helped the whole family to get active, sometimes spending up to four hours an evening on their bikes.

The family heard about the game via Nancie’s school, St Clare’s RC Primary School who are currently 17th on the total points leaderboard.

She said: “As a family, we always went out regularly but often drove places. We’re definitely much more active and are exploring local areas. Nancie is becoming much more streetwise and is learning her way around which could potentially be helpful as she gets older if she ever gets lost.

“She’s able to guide our route home from a number of areas we’ve taken her to and as she’s only just turned five, it’s important for her to grow up and be familiar with where she lives and her surroundings. Beat the Street has definitely helped with this.

“Nancie has shown us as parents that she’s definitely not afraid to show her competitiveness and speak her mind! Nancie’s very confident on her bike and is aware of road safety whilst on her bike.

“Nancie sometimes scans Beat Boxes on her way to school but we’re now going out at every opportunity – with both myself and her dad working full-time, we’re squeezing Beat the Street in all of the time!”

The family intend to keep up their new routine beyond the end of the game and Aimee herself has ordered a new bike. She said: “We’ll absolutely keep doing this! I’ve ordered a bike too!”

Nancie adds: “I like that we go out all of the time and that I am going on lots of bike rides. It makes me feel super happy that I’m near the top and I love doing Beat the Street – I love it even more now that the Beat Boxes have different sounds now. I can’t wait to see what sound the next box has!”

There are currently nearly 13,000 people playing Beat the Street in Middlesbrough and players have walked, cycled, run and wheeled nearly 43,000 miles. The six-week game continues until 10th November with the aim of encouraging local residents to make small, positive lifestyle changes.

It’s not too late to get involved — just sign up at

Beat the Street is brought to you by Middlesbrough Council, with funding from the National Lottery via Sport England. It is delivered by Intelligent Health.



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