Inequality is one of the driving factors behind inactivity — people living in the most deprived areas or living with disability are the least likely to meet current physical activity recommendations.

Our Beat the Street programme turns whole towns and cities into games where everyone can feel the benefits of being physically active regardless of age, income or ability.

Everyone knows the benefits of physical activity, but those living deprivation face significant barriers to become more active. Beat the Street removes these barriers by encouraging entire communities to join a fun, free game that gradually gets them moving over a six week period — as a result, 59% of Beat the Street players in 2017 came from areas of mid-high or high deprivation.

Intelligent Health commissioned Future Thinking — a research agency who have provided insight for Sport England and UK Sport — to evaluate Beat the Street’s success in addressing the barriers to activity. Their research found that Beat the Street overcome many of the typical barriers to becoming physically active such as lack of money, lack of time and fear of judgement:

“With money being cited as a key barrier to activity, a major benefit of Beat the Street was that it highlighted to families how simple it can be to increase activity without spending lots of money or needing lots of time” — Future Thinking

Not only can we engage with the most hard-to-reach communities, but our programmes deliver increases in reported levels of physical activity. In Summer 2017, we launched our biggest Beat the Street programme yet in East Sussex with more than 42,000 players spanning the entire county. Survey data collected revealed that for adults living in the most deprived areas, the proportion of participants meeting the national physical activity guidelines increased from 30% before Beat the Street to 52% immediately after.

Days in the past week where adults living in the highest 20% of multiple deprivation did 30 minutes or more of physical activity.

To find out more about how Beat the Street can address health inequalities in your community, get in touch.