Active travel is a key part of any urban plan. Our work gets people into healthy journey habits and makes walking or cycling to school, work and the shops a part of everyday life.

Altering journey habits isn’t easy, but our work has been the catalyst for huge behaviour changes in towns and cities across the world. By building neighbourhoods in which more people walk or cycle we have been able to makes towns and cities across the world safer, cleaner and healthier places to live.

Beat The Street Rutherglen at Overtoun park
A group of cyclists who are members of Biketown part of Health and Happy

Intelligent Health’s innovative walking and cycling initiative — Beat the Street — encourages families to ditch the car and rewards participants for walking and cycling to school or work. Communities who have played Beat the Street have noticed a decrease in congestion and traffic thanks to the game:

“We had a Beat Box outside the school and at the beginning and end of the day you would see lots of children queuing up to tap it. We’re right in the middle of Feltham so the scheme taught the children about road safety awareness. A lot of children walk to school but this scheme had a huge impact with lots more people walking in each day.”

– Rory McCormack, Headteacher of St Lawrence’s Primary School

Beat the Street not only helps clear roads but helps creates cleaner environments. Each programme saves thousands of kilogrammes of CO2 by encouraging people to walk and cycle instead of driving in their car. In North Lanarkshire we saved more than 54,000 kilogrammes of C02 — the equivalent of almost 60,000 pounds of burned coal.

Beat The Street dalbeattieLaunch of the Mini Game

Our schemes are shown to make demonstrable differences to travel behaviour — In 2016 the number of people walking for 5-7 days each week increased dramatically from 49.5% to 61.5%. In Rhondda Cynon Taff, six out of ten participants said Beat the Street helped them travel less by car.

Beat the Street’s ability to switch people into healthier travel habits has been widely recognised with Intelligent Health collecting won a Nudge Award and two Smarter Travel Awards.


Most importantly, we are able to create a lasting change for players. In Nottingham and North Lanarkshire, we helped encourage people to use healthier forms of transport by giving away a bike a day for a week.

While in East London, one mum got rid of her car after playing Beat the Street – realising she didn’t need it to get around….

“Beat the Street has been great fun. Not only have we been benefitting from doing more physical activity, but we’ve spent a lot of time together, just talking more – the benefits are obvious to see.”