Active leadership can shape and transform whole communities which is why Intelligent Health works with forward-thinking individuals and organisations to make physical activity a way of life for thousands of people.

Intelligent Health’s knowledge and experience in building active communities has engaged more than 1.2 million people across the world.

Our success has seen us work with and advise leading organisations such as the West Midlands Combined Authority where we helped develop an exciting and ambitious new plan to increase physical activity in the region:

“Intelligent Health’s input has been vital in developing our Physical Activity strategy and bringing together a great series of partners to support the delivery. Over 30% of the West Midlands population is inactive and our vision is to improve the quality of life of everyone who lives and works in the West Midlands. The knowledge and evidence that Intelligent Health is providing will establish the foundations to help the people in our Combined Authority to reach their full potential.”

— Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of the West Midlands Combined Authority.


A core success of the Beat the Street programme is the partnership working it catalyses. Each programme has a Local Steering Group created to set local objectives, in-game promotion of partners and exit route plan before the game. We believe the only way to change behaviours at scale is to work in partnership across health, public health, transport, green space, sport, education and voluntary sectors.

“Increasing participation rates in physical activity within local communities will not only provide benefits for physical and mental health but may also improve community cohesion. I am, therefore, delighted to see the launch of ‘Beat the Street’ across large parts of the north.”

— Michelle O’Neill, Health Minister for Northern Ireland

To New York:

“Good habits can last a lifetime and we’re teaching kids to put their best foot forward early by learning the importance that walking plays in a healthy lifestyle. New York City is one of the world’s most walkable cities, so our students have a head start when it comes to learning healthy routines for life.”

– Janette Sadik-Khan, Department of Transport Commissioner

Working closely with local councils and authorities, we have been able to access schools, facilities, communications channels and ensure we engage with the entire communities. Intelligent Health’s partnership approach has been recognised within the industry — winning the Healthy Partnerships category at UK Active’s 2016 Flame Awards with the London Borough of Hounslow.


Leadership doesn’t have to come from the top. Intelligent Health’s grassroots engagement encourages local leaders to step forward and inspire their community to stay active.

In Tendring, we appointed eleven community champions who embodied the spirit of Beat the Street — working with their friends, family, colleagues and neighbours they will help build a more active and stronger community.

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