Intelligent Health have extensive experience and huge success in reaching less active people via primary care providers.

Advice from the GP can have a significant impact on a person’s likelihood to adopt a healthier lifestyle. And with GPs seeing an average of 15% of the population every two weeks, they form an essential part of any local physical activity strategy. In September 2012, evidence from Intelligent Health was submitted to The Science and Health Technology Committee, and led to a recommendation that all doctors should be trained in physical activity advice.

Intelligent Health produced the BMJ online physical activity training course for health professionals and worked in partnership with Prescription4Exercise providing a suite of learning resources for health professionals and information on physical activity for patients with long-term conditions.

Here are the 9 BMJ learning modules.

“An excellent course I would (and will!) highly recommend. It is astonishing to see the amount of information that we currently have on the benefits of physical activity and how many practitioners don’t know it. We must do an effort to prescribe exercise to our patients and in that sense this course is helpful to make us more comfortable in doing it. Congratulations on the course!”

Review of training modules, 19 September 2015


Our training helps GPs understand how physical activity can be included as part of a patient’s treatment, how to make recommendations and how to source local opportunities for their patients.

Reading Case study

Our work with NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Reading North, South and West provides compelling evidence of the positive impact that primary care providers can have on a person’s level of physical activity. The project aim was to get as many people with long term conditions, such as type II diabetes, involved in our Beat the Street campaign. Working alongside Reading Borough Council Public Health, the CCGs wrote to all GPs asking them to support the initiative and funded letters to patients with Long Term Conditions inviting them to take part. Intelligent Health provided the research evidence, the framework and the game. We also provided marketing material including digital screen adverts to place in surgeries.


GP lead for Beat the Street in Reading, Dr Rupert Woolley explained: “As a society we pay a lot of attention to weight — but exercise is an even more important contributor to good health. One of my patients now has her type II diabetes under control as a result of cycling and walking more. She’s also found that she’s less stressed and has lost weight. She tells me that Beat the Street has given her all the encouragement she needs to make her lifestyle changes work for her for the long term. If exercise can work for her, it can work for anyone!”

Newham Case study

In Newham, London, Intelligent Health’s ‘My Best Move’ training programme led to a 150% increase in referrals to local physical activity opportunities.

Practice Manager, Newham:

“The structure of the training was very well put together. It was contained to approx an hour, it didn’t blind anyone with useless statistics, it was to the point and very very informative. So often GPs have these sessions and it becomes pointless or just paper pushing exercises and they just don’t have the time to go to those kind of meetings but this was very practical.”