Schools lie at the heart of community life and play a major part in shaping long-term improvements to the physical activity of staff, pupils and their families.

But financial constraints and pressure on staff time make it very difficult for schools to ensure every pupil achieves the recommended daily guideline of 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity. According to a 2013 study, half of all 7-year-olds in the UK are not getting enough exercise.

That’s why Intelligent Health works alongside schools in promoting a more active lifestyle. Our expertly-designed curriculum is packed with information and knowledge that helps pupils and teachers understand the importance of getting active and has helped build active schools across the UK.

We deliver fun campaigns that get whole schools moving. Over 2,500 schools have taken part in Beat the Street — on average 98% of schools in an area take part. 64% of pupils in those schools play the game. In terms of making change to children’s lives in the National Lottery funded programme, 74% of children who were ‘less active’ when they registered to take part before the game, were lifted into activity six months later.

We’re fully committed to adding to the amazing work that many schools already do by delivering fun campaigns that get pupils, parents and teachers moving – rewarding physical activity achievements with prizes and keeping everyone motivated to do more.


Headteachers and school staff have attested the impact of our work — whether it is improving attainment…

“Our entire school got behind Beat the Street with pupils being taken out on walks each morning. Although the children are out of class for half an hour, they are much more alert, focused and better behaved after the morning Beat the Stress walks.”

— John Alexander, St Joseph’s Catholic Junior School

…Or promoting healthier lifestyles to pupils and families

“Some of the parents were adding the tapping to their usual fitness regime. It helped them achieve their fitness goals quicker. This game made us all be more active and healthier. We didn’t have to change anything else to feel like this. It didn’t cost anything, but we could feel the benefits to our bodies and lifestyle. We organised picnics and a father and daughter walk on the last day to encourage more family time. These are the real outcomes we value and hope to continue to build on.”

— Mohammed Asif, Quwwat-Ul-Islam Girls School

Lewis Street Primary School in Salford saw a huge boost in active extracurricular activities with 15% of pupils joining after-school and lunch sports clubs after playing Beat the Street.

Working closely with dedicated and passionate teachers and educators, we are able to transform the health of entire communities.