Blog post from Beat the Street Wolverhampton engagement coordinator Lucy

Hi, I’m Lucy and I am the Engagement Coordinator for Beat the Street Wolverhampton!

Having worked within the city for over four years, I have come to know those that live within Wolverhampton very well and connect with members of the community to help them with their health, emotional wellbeing and personal lives. Through my past work, I also understand that frequent activity is something that many people struggle with due to time constraints and fear of trying something new.

Wolverhampton is in the sixth percentile for deprivation in England and, with activity levels directly correlating to household and individual income, the people of Wolverhampton needed and wanted a compelling reason to maintain activity. This is something I wanted to help bring to the community and set them on the path to success.

Intelligent Health’s mission is to ‘create active vibrant communities where everybody matters’ and the incredible incentive behind Beat the Street means that there are no financial boundaries to frequent activity and exercise. Truly anyone can take part — this is initially what drew me to the campaign.

After setting up my own charity in 2018 working specifically in Wolverhampton to eradicate period poverty and stigma, I have been at the heart of the city ensuring no one is left behind and suffers as a result of low income and poverty.

Going forward, it is truly an honour to continue working with many of the individuals and organisations I have spent the last four years working with on this exciting and inclusive campaign. My main goal is to maintain, encourage and promote a healthy relationship with exercise and activity — ensuring that diminishing those boundaries to access stays at the forefront of this phase.

If you would like to get in touch about ways I can help support your journey to better health, get in touch!


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