Beat the Street success for Hamilton and Blantyre


More than 8,400 people across the two towns of Hamilton and Blantyre in South Lanarkshire have taken part in the Beat the Street game!

The game took place from 17th March to 28th April, turning the area into a real-life game. Participants walked, wheeled, cycled and ran 133,999 miles, getting themselves fitter and out exercising safely.

Additionally, the incredible total of miles clocked up means that Kilbryde Hospice will receive a donation of £500.

The winners are:

Schools — total points:

  1. David Livingstone Memorial Primary School
  2. Woodside Primary School
  3. Udston Primary School

Schools — average points:

  1. David Livingstone Memorial Primary School
  2. St John’s Primary School
  3. Udston Primary School

Community and workplace teams — total points

  1. Happenin’ Dance
  2. 3rd Blantyre Scout Group
  3. Eddlewood Boys Club 2009
  4. Community and workplace teams — average points:
  1. 3rd Blantyre Scout Group
  2. Happenin’ Dance
  3. Eddlewood Boys Club 2009

Small team — total points

  1. Eddlewood Community Action Group

Individual leaderboard — total points

  1. James Skinner

David Livingstone Memorial Primary School has won the total and average points leaderboards, meaning they will be presented with £350 in vouchers for each. Head teacher Linda Callender, said: “Beat the Street has been a huge success for the school, with lots of families engaging in the challenge and discovering places in the local area that they did not even know existed as they desperately looked to find another Beat Box to swipe with their card or fob.

“Children and their families have benefited from being out in the open air and have been walking, scootering or cycling for miles! I became so addicted to the challenge myself that I actually ran more than 15 miles one day throughout Blantyre and Hamilton, swiping 30 different Beat Boxes on route! Fitness levels have definitely increased for all of us, myself included!”

Michael McGlynn, Executive Director of Community and Enterprise Resources, said: “It has been an amazing Beat the Street for Hamilton and Blantyre and we’d like to thank everyone who took part.

“We have seen such passion and commitment from players who have got in touch to tell us their stories about how they have loved the game and will be sorry to see the Beat Boxes go!”

One of those lovely stories came from Council Leader John Ross who said: “Due to time restraints most of my journeys are early mornings and predominately on Silvertonhill avenue between the Beat Boxes at Chatelherault Primary and Woodside Primary.

“Last Thursday a complaint was raised on the Silvertonhill Residents’ Facebook page about an old guy on a bike (I’m 74) cycling up and down the avenue in the mornings adding to the already heavy traffic, the complainant got hassle from others who said he’s raising points for the community and EK Hospice, well someone has started a crowd funder for the hospice as a result, on Friday it stood at £175 and today it’s now at £350.

“This morning I got several waves from people who I’m sure only know me as the old guy on the bike but it’s really nice to know that some further good is happening as a result of Beat the Street!”.

Beat the Street was delivered by Intelligent Health on behalf of South Lanarkshire Council with support from South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, Smarter Choices, Smarter Places and the Scottish Government.


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