Beat the Street featured on BBC’s Back in Time for School

Intelligent Health’s successful walking and cycling initiative, Beat the Street, has been featured as a pioneering method of encouraging schoolchildren to stay active on BBC’s Back in Time for School programme.

Back in Time for School saw fifteen pupils and their teachers experience how education has changed in Britain over the last hundred years. In the final episode of the series, the teenage pupils got to see how schooling could look in the future.

Among lessons led by artificial intelligence teachers and history classes told through virtual reality, the stars of the show tried out a mini-version of Beat the Street as an example of how physical education is set to change in the next few years.

The fifteen pupils were divided into two teams and were tasked to walk and run around Royal Leamington Spa, finding and tapping Beat Boxes to score as many points as possible within just a few hours. Speaking about the game in comparison to traditional PE lessons, one of the pupils said: “This is much more exciting than running around a field so I would rather be doing this.”

Beat the Street turns towns and cities into a giant game where people compete against each other to see who can walk, run or cycle the furthest within six weeks by tapping sensors called Beat Boxes hidden across their community. To date, more than 2,000 schools have participated in the programme with one million players set to play by the end of 2019.

Dr William Bird, CEO of Intelligent Health and creator of Beat the Street, said: “It is fantastic to have Beat the Street showcased on Back in Time for School as a cutting-edge way of getting children moving. Beat the Street is rooted in using technology and behaviour change to create a substantial and lasting difference to the health and wellbeing of families in the UK and worldwide.”

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