Beat the Street East Renfrewshire winners collect their prizes!


The top teams and individuals in the recent Beat the Street East Renfrewshire game have received their prizes in a week of socially-distanced presentations.

Antonio Carlo, the local co-ordinator for Beat the Street East Renfrewshire, presented the winning residents, businesses, schools and community groups with vouchers for topping the total and average points leaderboards.

A total of 9,937 people from across the area walked, cycled, scooted, ran and wheeled 111,611.5 miles during the six-week long game. Organisers also donated £500 to the SupERkids charity to mark the community’s achievement in collectively exceeding 100,000 miles.

Additionally, pupils at the Isobel Mair School won special recognition for their achievements in Beat the Street 2020.

Shauna Melvin Principal Teacher said: “This year pupils at Isobel Mair School were able to access the Beat the Street game at school, which allowed them to engage with the initiative all the more and was really motivating for them. They were delighted with the trophy and prizes and are already hoping the Beat the Street game will return!”

The Amazing Avengers team (pictured) also lived up to their name and were presented with a total of £600 worth of vouchers from Decathlon for topping the community team leaderboard for total and also average points. Team captains Mamatha Aeddy and Sudhir Vusikala have spent the vouchers of sport gear so they can continue to be active.

“We are so happy that the Beat the Street game is in East Renfrewshire as it helped us to get through this difficult time with the pandemic and we could keep exercising.”

Antonio said: “Beat the Street really has been a hot topic of conversation and although we couldn’t have our usual community presentation event owing to the pandemic, we were able to present people with their prizes in bespoke presentation.

“Of course, this was a real shame, but it did mean that we were able to hear stories from people who had wonderful things to say about the game. From families taking the time to get active together, to people with long-term health conditions and to schools really taking up the challenge, it’s been fantastic to see so many people outside, being active and enjoying themselves in our beautiful area.”

Beat the Street is commissioned by East Renfrewshire Council in partnership with Paths for All’s Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme and the Scottish Government.

Isobel Mair school.


  1. The Amazing Avengers team who won the community leaderboard across total and average points.

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